Friday, 6 February 2015

Acts of Violence by Ross Harrison

Reviewer: JW Hicks author of Rats

What we thought: This dark, noir-type thriller shot through with a scintillating vein of science fiction, is a plot-driven adventure speed-way which drives the reader towards a totally unexpected, yet thoroughly satisfying conclusion.

Jack Mason is a failed cop living on a poverty-stricken colony planet way off the beaten track, where he earns a meagre living as an unlicenced PI complete with counterfeit badge.

Framed for murdering a bargirl working for criminal boss Cole Webster, Mason’s on the run from not only Harem PD, the United Planets Security Force, but also the masked gunmen who ‘rescued’ him from interrogation to force information from him – information he doesn’t possess.

Mason, needing to clear his name before the UPSF track him down, must solve the mystery of the bargirl’s murder and in doing so becomes mired in corruption, double dealing and the extreme violence of a mob against mob takeover bid.

His investigations expose layer upon layer of secrets, and as he peels back each disturbing layer he is forced to confront not only the unpalatable truths of how his planet is run, but has to learn to face the equally unpalatable truth of his troubled past.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: The books of Lee Child and David Baldacci

Avoid if you don’t like: Violet confrontations, murder and mayhem.

Ideal accompaniments: A stiff whisky or a box of expensive chocolate liqueurs.

Genre: Hardboiled noir fiction

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  1. Thank you for this. The first Jack Reacher book was actually a bit of a push for me when I wasn't sure about writing Acts of Violence, so I like that you mentioned Lee Child!