Friday, 4 September 2015

Super Daddy Bedtime Questions by Nicolas Pavlou

Reviewer: JW Hicks

What we thought: From the first glimpse of this super-bright, gloriously illustrated storybook you’ll be hooked. Whether parent, teacher or doting grandparent, this is the one for you... and of course, the children.

Nicolas Pavlou follows the footsteps of top-of-the-tree children’s authors by writing simple, truthful prose, and using delightful illustrations with which to captivate the reader’s heart. Super Daddy Bedtime Questions is a humourous book, with child friendly rhymes that are easy to remember and easy to chant. It is a highly enjoyable read, delightfully true to life and inspired by the playtime and bedtime questions asked by the author’s young son.

As a one-time nursery teacher I would have loved to have this storybook in the library corner: a book enriched with brightly coloured words and clear un-cluttered pictures is not only a treat to read aloud, but a delight to read to a small tot.

It’s the perfect length for a bedtime read, and written from a father’s perspective, the Super Daddy in the title, it offers an everyday dad the chance to be Super Dad, reader of the best story ever, the dad who answers the unanswerable: ‘Daddy, can you fly?’ in this delightful way – ‘No! But I can throw you way up high!’

Nicolas Pavlou, as this debut story shows, is an author to watch.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Hill’s Spot series and Jill Murphy’s On My Way Home.

Avoid if you don’t like: Books that children will want read to them again and again and a...

Ideal accompaniments: A well-worn blankie, a grubby teddy and a sleepy, snuggly youngster.

Genre: Children’s books 7 and under.

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