Wednesday 21 June 2017

Best Murder in Show by Debbie Young

Review by JJ Marsh

What we thought:

Sophie Sayers moves to the small English village of Wendlebury Barrow, to take up the legacy of a beautiful country cottage. Against the wishes of her soon-to-be-ex Damian, who thinks small English villages are full of madmen and murderers. Sophie ignores him and begins a new life as a young, single writer embracing the peace and quiet of village life.

Her dream is to be a successful author, like her dear Great-aunt May, whose travel writing made her famous. The only problem is, she has no idea where to start. Her attention is distracted by getting a new job at the bookshop, meeting the locals and joining the planning committee for the highlight of the year, the village show.

All is going smoothly until one of the Wendlebury players is murdered on the Henry VIII and his Six wives float during the show. Suspects are everywhere Sophie begins to wonder if Damian's words were truer than she thought.

With a cast of eccentric characters such as the quirky local shopkeeper, the amiable drunk, the lecherous amateur dramatist, the bookseller with a secret and the writing group which fines members 10p per cliché, this gentle crime caper is lively, funny and the perfect antidote to watching the news.
What's more, it would make the ideal Radio Four serial or BBC Sunday evening programme.

You'll enjoy this if you like: The Janice Gentle books by Mavis Cheek, Agatha Raisin mysteries, Lilian Jackson's cat mysteries.

Avoid if you dislike: very English settings, cosy crime.

Ideal accompaniments: Scones and honey, 'special' tea and summer birdsong through an open window.

Genre: Crime

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