Friday, 27 June 2014

The Girl With The Painted Face by Gabrielle Kimm

Reviewer : Liza Perrat, author of Spirit of LostAngels and Wolfsangel

What we thought: Set in 1582 in Italy, The Girl With The Painted Face tells the story of the young seamstress, Sofia Genotti – a vulnerable, sensitive and heart-warming heroine who has must go on the run after being falsely accused of theft. Sofia joins a troupe of travelling actors as their costume mistress, but is soon appearing on the stage as a budding actress. When she falls in love with fellow actor, Beppe, life seems finally to be treating her well, until Sofia is wrongly accused of murder and forced, once more, to run away.

Through her scrupulous research and vivid descriptions, the author has woven an historical tale that is both entertaining and educational. 16th century Italy and the world of the Commedia dell'Arte is vividly brought to life, the reader almost able to see and smell the countryside, the crowded taverns, the lively marketplaces, and the colourful characters, some of whom have very dark and dangerous sides.

I would recommend this as an easy read for historical fiction lovers who enjoy tales of adventure, romance and a whodunnit in the storyline.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: cosy and easy to read historical mysteries

Avoid if you don’t like: historical fiction about travelling actors.

Ideal accompaniments: A beaker of ale and a bowl of bean and hare pottage.

Genre: Historical Fiction

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