Friday, 19 December 2014

The Charter by Gillian E Hamer

Reviewer: JW Hicks, author of Rats.

What we thought: If you like a jolt of Quirk with your murder mysteries, then read Gillian E Hamer’s The Charter. Hamer adds a hefty measure of supernatural happenings to her plot-mix which gives a tremendous zest to this thrilling narrative.

The story is set on the coast of Anglesey which provides a made-to-measure background, well suited to the bleak centre of this story, a story that begins in one century and is still wreaking havoc in the next.

Sarah Morton returns home for her estranged father’s funeral, and is plunged headlong into her first paranormal encounter – with the ghost of drowned eleven year old, Angelina Stewart, her distant relative. The ghost alerts Sarah to danger. Through a succession of ghostly encounters Sarah learns that the secrets of the past will not stay hidden, and the sins of the past are being repeated in the present day.

Sarah learns that her father, Owen, was murdered. Part of her inheritance is a letter that sends her on a treasure hunt, searching for gold lost when the Royal Charter was wrecked, the same wreck that cost Angelina Stewart her life.

When her home is broken into and she is attacked she fears that someone else is hunting the treasure. But given the task of solving the mystery, she risks all to follow her father’s wishes and grant him some kind of peace. In following the trail of clues to solve the riddle, she meets treachery, suffers heart break and barely escapes with her life.

This tremendous story is enriched by scenic beauty revealed in glorious prose and fully realised, totally believable characters.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: Romance and scares aplenty.

Avoid if you don’t like: Plots involving supernatural elements winding through them.

Genre: Literary thriller, Crime

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