Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mindsight by Chris Curran

ReviewersLiza Perrat, author of Spirit of Lost Angels and Wolfsangel and JJ Marsh, author of The Beatrice Stubbs series

What we thought:

Liza Perrat - The dark, compelling and intriguing story of Claire, who has no memory of the car accident of five years beforehand, in which she killed her husband, father and one of her twins.

Now released from prison, Claire wants to reconnect with her surviving son and try and find a clear pathway through the muck of misery and remorse that plagues her. However, Claire soon discovers that delving into her past might not be such a good idea.

In heart-rending scenes the author has excellently drawn the characters of Claire and her son, Tom, throughout this moving story, which builds up to a surprising ending. I would highly recommend this novel for readers who enjoy excellently-narrated, dark and thrilling crime mysteries.

JJ Marsh - This is a cut above the average crime novel. Yes, there’s a completely gripping plot which takes switchback turns until it reaches a thrilling peak. Yet it has a literary feel with psychological insights, complex relationships and a wonderful rootedness in the setting. Hastings and its beaches play a full role alongside the characters.

I loved everything about this book, but have to single out the author’s incredible knack for observing detail.
Clare, our central protagonist, has just been released from prison and her observations of daily life as an ‘alien’ are remarkably well-drawn, causing the reader to stop and think ‘How would I feel?’

Contrast this thoughtful and hypnotic start to the incredibly tense ending which leaves an echo reverberating like a cannon shot. I’m still thinking about it now. Rich cast, believable characters, powerful premise, lovely prose and proof that crime fiction can be intelligent and pulse-racing.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: Books by Nicci French or Gillian Flynn

Avoid if you don’t like: dark psychological thrillers

Ideal accompaniments: several glasses of robust red wine, big bag of cheese-flavoured Doritos

Genre: Crime, Mystery

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