Saturday, 4 April 2015

Half Truths and White Lies by Jane Davis

Reviewer: Liza Perrat, author of Spirit of Lost Angels and Wolfsangel

What we thought: Jane Davis’s first book, and well-deserved of the Daily Mail First Novel Award, this is only the latest in her range of amazing literary novels, all of which I have enjoyed.

I love the author’s captivating style of storytelling.

I love her characters, who come alive on the page and who, by the end of the book I feel I know personally.

And I am intrigued by her deftly-handled complex plotlines.

When main character, Andrea, loses her parents, she becomes interested in her family history, uncovering many half truths and white lies along the way.

Narrated from Andrea’s point of view, as well as her aunt, Faye, and her father’s friend, Uncle Pete, we see each character, and their perceptions of each other, very differently.

A thought-provoking and beautifully-crafted story that explores family, friendship, love, grief and life in their many guises. Enthralling right to the end.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: Literary stories by novelists such as Anne Tyler and Kate Atkinson.

Avoid if you don’t like: character-driven novels that don’t necessarily end well.

Ideal accompaniments: chilled glass of white wine and comfy armchair (as you won’t be moving for a while)

Genre: literary fiction

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