Friday, 6 November 2015

Sewing the Shadows Together by Alison Baillie

Reviewer: Ruby Barnes, author of Peril, Dodge, The Baptist, Koobi Fora and the Zombies v. Ninjas series

What we thought: A very engaging read that does what it says on the cover – pulls together the shadowy events of thirty years before and weaves a tale of intrigue and romance around a cast of appealing characters.

Although pitched as crime fiction, Sewing the Shadows Together is firmly in the romantic suspense genre. There is a murder, there is injustice and there is new evidence that verifies the innocence of the poor soul who has spent most of his adult life in a secure prison, but the main story is about the middle-aged rekindling of young adult affections, unrequited love and regrets over a life of compromises.

Alison Baillie’s settings are as blustery, rocky and rain-soaked as the streets and shores of the Scotland where they take place. Her characters are treacherous, fallible and infuriating as real people are. The reader will care if the original crime is solved or not, but it’s always about the two main protagonists. Will they or won’t they? Can they overcome the obstacles on the path to happy ever after?

I read this book during a week trapped by stormy weather in a mobile home on a seaside caravan park. It was the perfect companion and was quickly grabbed by my other half when she saw how immersed I had been in its pages.

Avoid this if you dislike: slightly floppy forensics (this really isn’t crime fiction) or a couple of rather convenient plot twists.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: reading about real people and living with them through some excruciating self-discoveries, because you hope their future will be bright.

Ideal accompaniments: stormy weather, several glasses of your favourite vino and a loving partner to make you realise how lucky you are.

Genre: romantic suspense / crime fiction

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