Friday, 12 February 2016

Promises to Keep by Patricia Sands

Reviewer: Liza Perrat, author of Spirit of Lost Angels, Wolfsangel and Blood Rose Angel

What we thought: Promises to Keep (Love in Provence book 2) continues on from where The Promise of Provence (Love in Provence book 1) ends. The heroine, Katherine returns to France from her home in Canada to begin a new life with her French love, Philippe.

Katherine leaves the painful memories of her debilitating marriage back in Toronto, and embarks on a whirlwind adventure of love with Philippe. Together they enjoy fine French food, wine and the easy lifestyle, their future promising happiness and hope, far from the pain they both well know.

However, on a trip to the medieval village of Entrevaux, a bewildering note leads to a terrifying car chase, and Katherine discovers that Philippe has a dark secret; something dreadful from his past that he is not prepared to share with her. Katherine feels she is in danger of losing everything she’d so hoped for.

We accompany Philippe and Katherine through their journey of a promised life threatened, of mutual trust and, above all, of love.

But this is not only the story of Katherine and Philippe’s romance, it is also a love story between the author and all that is France. The author’s beautifully descriptive passages reveal her obvious love for the country.

Promises to Keep is also the story of a woman in her fifties trying to pick up the damaged pieces of a disastrous marriage and rebuild herself. It shows us how our lives can so quickly change and that, if we take the plunge, we are capable of adapting to its new course. It also reminds us that life, and love, can surprise us at any moment in our lives.

You’ll like this if you enjoy: romance stories set amidst stunning countryside and succulent food feasts. The Promise of Provence (Love in Provence book 1).

Avoid if you don’t like: romance novels.

Ideal accompaniments: French wine and runny St. Marcellin cheese on crusty baguette.

Genre: Romance

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