Friday, 17 June 2016

Floodtide by Judy Nunn

Reviewer: Liza Perrat, author of Spirit of Lost Angels, Wolfsangel and Blood Rose Angel

What we thought: Floodtide takes the reader on the journey of four men and their families over a span of four decades, in Western Australia. Beginning with their carefree childhoods in the prosperous post-war 1950s, through the Vietnam War and hippy years of the 60s, into the mineral boom of the 70s and ending during the corrupt years of the 80s, which saw the birth of WA Inc.

There is an environmentalist fighting to save the stunning Pilbara from greedy mining companies, a crippled Vietnam war veteran who finds his talent elsewhere, and the ambitious geologist who joins forces with the shady businessman, both of them having a great impact on the rise and development of Perth from sleepy coastal town to important, booming city.

But the 1990s sees the four friends swamped by a floodtide of change, and with their opposing personalities, combined with their life choices, things will never be the same for any of them.

I enjoyed Judy Nunn’s captivating story and her compelling descriptions of Perth and the Pilbara, regions I have always wanted to visit. I also enjoyed learning about the history of Western Australia.

I felt the ending was the only weak point in the story. There was a little too much unnecessary factual information that took over the story, and I wasn’t happy with the way the main character’s issues were resolved. It seemed quite “out of character”. However, that didn’t deter from this overall great yarn, with its true blue Aussie flavor.

You’ll like this if you enjoy: Easy to read, well-researched Aussie tales. Tim Winton’s Cloud Street and Dirt Music, family sagas.

Avoid if you don’t like: Western Australian modern history and politics.

Ideal accompaniments: Beer and meat pie. Champagne and canap├ęs, preferably whilst sitting on a yacht.

Genre: Contemporary fiction.

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