Friday, 15 July 2016

The Nearness of You by Sareeta Domingo

Reviewer: Liza Perrat, author of Spirit of Lost Angels, Wolfsangel and Blood Rose Angel

What we thought: Sareeta Domingo’s debut novel, The Nearness of You is a heart-breaking romantic tale. But there is not only romance; the story also touches on more serious and dramatic topics.

In her twenties, Taylor Jenkins lives with her best friend Marcy, and Marcy’s boyfriend, Ryan, whom Taylor had previously met at a cinema, forming an instant connection with him. When Marcy leaves on a world dancing tour, Taylor and Ryan are left to struggle with their growing feelings for each other.

But that is not Taylor’s only battle. When she finds a man’s body floating in the Thames, memories of her own mother’s suicide surface, and this also becomes the story of Taylor coming to terms with that tragedy.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Taylor and her friend, Marcy. Best friends since Taylor’s mother’s suicide, the share a strong bond. But is that tie strong enough to weather the love that develops between Ryan and Taylor?

As Taylor –– uncertain about her future after graduating from college, and stuck working in a bookshop –– witnesses the dreams of those around her coming true, she begins to question what she needs to find her own happiness.

The author writes beautifully –– prose filled with tension and heartache –– evoking Taylor’s feelings with deep empathy. I would highly recommend this moving tale of loss, true love, real life and friendships.

You’ll like this if you enjoy: Women’s Fiction, Romance, Drama.

Avoid if you don’t like:
Stories dealing with suicide and what it does to those left behind.

Ideal accompaniments:
Comfy, fireside armchair in winter

Genre: Romance

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