Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Cast Iron: Enzo Macleod 6 by Peter May

Reviewer: Gillian Hamer, author of The Charter, Closure, Complicit, Crimson Shore & False Lights. (

What we thought: An exciting return into the life of Enzo Macleod, with the usual highs and lows we expect from Peter May, and a superbly balanced way of carrying forward all the baggage and backstory that accompanies this character, without slowing the tension or the pace of the plot.

Still determined to complete his quest and solve all of the cold case enquiries in Roger Raffin's book of unsolved crimes, Enzo investigates the enquiry into the murder of a young charity worker, Lucie Martin. Was she a victim of serial killer, Regis Blanc, as everyone believes or are there more sinister secrets closer to home?

Someone is determined to put a stop to Enzo’s investigations, and has made several attempts on his life to do so. But when the threats move to his closest family, Enzo has no choice but to re-examine who he can trust and who must be a potential enemy. The discoveries will shock the foundation of his life to the very core.

I’m a big fan of this author. I love his writing style and characterisation, and I wasn’t disappointed by this book. Enzo Macleod is a complex, and brilliantly written, character who somehow connects with the reader, despite all of his hot-headed faults.

The tension and drama were ramped up high in this book, it’s a real page turner, and I found myself racing towards the end, dreading the final page, and was totally thrown by the final reveal.

Superb writing once again from May and as ever I await the next book in anticipation.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, Ann Cleeves.

Avoid if you don’t like: Family secrets and hidden lives.

Ideal accompaniments: Almond croissant and a double espresso.

Genre: Crime.

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