Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fatal Forgery by Susan Grossey

Reviewer : Gillian Hamer, author of The Charter, Closure, Complicit, Crimson Shore, False Lights & Sacred Lake. (

What we thought: One of the best things about reviewing for Bookmuse is that you get to read books that would otherwise pass you by … and that is certainly the case with this author.

Although I do enjoy some historical fiction, this period wouldn’t have been my personal choice, and it would have been a real shame to miss out on the first book in this series. Crime fiction meets Regency London and it’s a real winner!
This is the first book featuring the sleuthing powers of Constable Samuel Plank. Here he is tasked with discovering why a wealthy, reputable banker would risk the gallows by forging customer’s signatures and stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Can Plank uncover the truth behind the actions and in doing so save a man’s life … or is there something even more sinister behind the trail of events?

The book was a real page turner. Not high in gore or drama as many modern day crime fiction tends to be, but still full of suspense and tension throughout. I liked the way the author wove in the details of the period, using her research cleverly to settle the reader into the story. And I also thought the pace and plotting were spot on – the twist at the end was very well thought out.
Characters were also very solid, believable enough to step from the page, and suited to the language and style of the writing. Constable Plank is a real asset, this author is a real find, and I look forward to reading more books in the series.

You’ll enjoy this if you like : Dorothy L Sayers, PD James, John Marrs.

Avoid if you don’t like : Regency period and police drama.

Ideal accompaniments: Pigs trotters with a pint of ale.

Genre : Crime.

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