Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Killing #1 (audio version) by David Hewson

Reviewer : Gillian Hamer, author of The Charter (

What we thought : A page turning adaptation of the first season of the Danish television series, The Killing, written by commission by crime writer, David Hewson.
I was a huge fan of the television series, although I came to it a little late and had to play catch up - so I came to the audio version of the novel with more than a little trepidation.
However, I was hooked by the blurb ...
Through the dark wood where the dead trees give no shelter, Nanna Birk Larsen runs ... There is a monocular eye that follows, like a hunter after wounded dear. It moves in a slow approaching zigzag, marching through the Pineseskoven wasteland, through the Pentecost Forest. The chill water, the fear, his presence not so far away ... There is one torchlight on her now, the single blazing eye. And it is here.

Tense, gripping, complex and every bit as good as the TV series. David Hewson took a difficult, nigh impossible, job in retelling this in novel form - and made it look easy. If anything, without the issue of translation to contend with, I think the characters came across better in the novel. The complexity of Sara Lunt and her interaction in both her personal and professional life was brilliantly written. Even though I knew the story, this kept me gripped, and I was thrilled with the ending. Good stuff.

You’ll enjoy this if you like : Jo Nesbo, Stieg Larsson, Tess Gerritsen .

Avoid if you don’t like : Denmark, Danish accents, Danish names, all things Danish. And woolly jumpers.

Ideal accompaniments : A bottle of Akvavit (Danish Vodka) and some pickled herrings.

Genre : Crime


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