Thursday, 7 May 2015

Introducing The Bookmuse Recommended Read Award!

Bookmuse recommends great books to discerning readers.

We read and assess submissions, handpick the ones we love and send out a weekly newsletter to our subscribers. We only feature books we can honestly recommend.

Bookmuse reviews follow this format:
What we thought
You’ll enjoy this if you liked
Avoid if you dislike
Ideal accompaniments

· We read books from trade, small and independent or self publishers
· Our pool of reviewers includes a range of tastes, ages and genders
· Featured books are awarded the Recommended Read Award
· Reviews are promoted across all our platforms
· We never charge for reviews or feedback

The Award
If you’ve been reviewed, feel free to display your award on your website, blog or cover.
If you’d like your book reviewed, check out these incredibly simple guidelines.
Email with a brief description of your book. Although we cannot review all books submitted, we'll do our best to get back to you.

To promote a book, please post on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter @bookmuseuk.
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