Friday, 22 May 2015

The Midwife's Revolt by Jodi Daynard

Reviewer: Liza Perrat, author of Spirit of Lost Angels and Wolfsangel

What we thought: The Midwife’s Revolt, set in Braintree, Massachusetts, throws the reader into the turbulent years of the American Revolutionary War, with great insight into the personal lives of the women left at home.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bolyston, a midwife and a widow of the Revolution is struggling with the pain and grief of her husband's death, and her battle to be accepted into her small community. But she’s determined, and rides a horse like a man and disguises herself in men’s clothes to work undercover for the patriots. Yet she’s also kind and gentle, caring for the sick and birthing women around her, such as her orphaned apprentice, Martha and her cast-out sister-in-law, Eliza. And when Lizzie finally begins to have feelings for a man, but suspects he might be a spy for the Tories, the story takes on a dangerous turn as she tries to discover the truth.

As well as giving an accurate account of the Revolutionary War itself, the author vividly depicts how it affected the daily lives of those left at home, fighting behind the scenes. The historical events ring true and authentic and at times I kept asking myself who and what was fictional.

I would recommend The Midwife’s Revolt for readers who enjoy stories about the American Revolution and the parts played by women in this struggle.

You’ll enjoy this if you like: Stories based on historical fact with strong female protagonists.

Avoid if you don’t like: Stories largely featuring female friendships.

Ideal accompaniments: Flagon of good strong ale.

Genre: Historical Fiction

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